Are you sick of flaky contractors who don’t pick up the phone, don’t show up or do mediocre work? Citywide Homes stays educated and on-trend. We are trustworthy and honest in a way most others aren’t. We return every single call, email, text, and we keep every appointment - we guarantee it.

Why Citywide?


In addition to our own employees, Citywide Homes utilizes a strongly curated network of distributors and industry professionals that we have been growing for years.

These partnerships give us the ability to execute on jobs that normally require complex planning or materials without you needing to worry about unexpected delays or shortcomings.


Citywide Homes is a full service remodeling company that specializes in residential remodeling. We handle everything from small handyman jobs, to large whole-home renovations.

We have not only a long history of residential contracting, but we also have a long background of purchasing, rehabbing, and selling entire properties.

Service Areas

Need a kitchen in Vernon? Perhaps a bathroom in Ellington?  Our service territory covers a large amount of Connecticut.

Whether you’re located in West Hartford, South Windsor, Manchester, Glastonbury, or anywhere else in central CT, our team is able to accommodate your location (and schedule) to get everything done in a timely manner.